US Has Record 4327 COVID Deaths in One Day

Ralph Ellis

January 14, 2021

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The United States set another grim record on Tuesday with 4327 coronavirus-related deaths — the most in a 24-hour period.

Deaths have been rising sharply in recent months, apparently spurred by increased socializing over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

And the daily average of deaths over seven days is now 3,299, compared to just under 700 four months ago, according to the Covid Tracking Project. The U.S. first topped 4,000 daily deaths on Jan. 7.

Texas recorded its 30,000th death over the weekend. The only other states to surpass that number of deaths are California with over 31,000 and New York with 40,000. Most of the New York deaths occurred in March and April of last year.

The Covid Tracking Project noted that — as expected — January may be the deadliest month of the COVID pandemic.

On Jan. 12 — less than halfway through the month — the United States had recorded 34,502 deaths, more than any other month between June and October. The deadliest month so far was December, with 76,850, and the second deadliest was April, with 55,267.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, more than 380,000 people have died of COVID-related reasons — the most of any nation. The first coronavirus death in the United States occurred early last year in California, probably in early to mid-February.

"We are in the dark days of winter in regards to this COVID pandemic," Janis Orlowski, chief health care officer for the Association of American Medical Colleges, told USA Today.

Orlowski recalls seeing federal estimates in March predicting 20 to 30 million cases and 400,000 deaths in the United States. At the time she thought those numbers were unfathomable.

"And indeed," Orlowski said, "that is what we’re looking at right now."

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom also set a record in daily coronavirus deaths with 1,564 on Wednesday, the Guardian reported. Overall, 101,160 people have died in the United Kingdom.


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