Metabolic Effect of Breaking Up Prolonged Sitting With Stair Climbing Exercise Snacks

Hossein Rafiei; Kosar Omidian; Étienne Myette-Côté; Jonathan Peter Little


Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2021;53(1):150-158. 

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Baseline characteristics of participants are presented in Table 1. All participants complied with the 24-h dietary replication and refrained from physical activity aside from activities of daily living before each trial. There were no differences in steps for 24 h before each trial in the HW group (P = 0.86) and no differences in hours of sleep on the night before each trial in each group (P = 0.10 and P = 0.69, HW and OW, respectively; Table, Supplemental Digital Content 1, Characteristics of the participants for the day before each trial, Characteristics of the stair climbing snacks for each group are presented in Table 2. As expected, HW participants ascended the three flights of stairs quicker (range, 13.4–19.7 s) on average when compared with participants with OW (range, 18.3–60.0 s).