Fibromyalgia Screening in Patients With Unexplained Chronic Fatigue

Christopher A. Aakre, MD, MSc


Menopause. 2021;28(1):93-95. 

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Fibromyalgia and Menopause

Menopause has been associated with onset of fibromyalgia symptoms in some women and also with worsening pain, fatigue, and sleep disruption in patients with existing fibromyalgia. There have been suggestions of a link between a decline in estrogen and increased reports of chronic pain symptoms.[6] However, research on this topic is sparse in general, and the limited existing evidence has not shown considerable benefit of HT on fibromyalgia symptoms.[7] That being said, anecdotal evidence suggests that women report improvement in aches and pains with HT use after menopause. Further research in this area is needed for clarification of these conflicting observations. Additionally, vasomotor symptoms (VMS) of menopause can be amplified by the temperature sensitivity that is characteristic of fibromyalgia–further research focusing on the effect of fibromyalgia on VMS frequency and intensity is warranted.