Testosterone Use in Adolescent Males

Current Practice and Unmet Needs

Maria Vogiatzi; James P. Tursi; Jonathan S. Jaffe; Sue Hobson; Alan D. Rogol


J Endo Soc. 2021;5(1) 

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Patient Satisfaction and Adherence to Therapy

TE appears to be the predominant T formulation used to induce puberty. Treated adolescents express satisfaction with how TRT affects pubertal maturation and growth.[11] With respect to satisfaction with TE itself, many manuscripts and reviews refer to the inconvenience and discomfort related to IM injections,[128,129] but there are no specific data describing the degree of dissatisfaction associated with this inconvenience and discomfort and/or how it may affect compliance. Remarkably, there is documented dissatisfaction with the daily application of T gel. Mehta et al documented a 25% rate of dissatisfaction among young men with Klinefelter syndrome. Five percent switched to IM injections or to pellets.[74] Rogol and colleagues documented a 72% compliance with T gel.[72] Clearly, more studies with better designs are required to determine the rate and reasons for dissatisfaction with current TRT options in adolescents.