Rheumatoid Arthritis: Hydroxychloroquine Use Not Linked to Increased Risk of Psychiatric Events

Sarfaroj Khan 


December 31, 2020


Why this matters

  • Findings do not support stopping HCQ for RA based on concerns raised in patients with COVID-19.

Study design

  • A new-user cohort study included patients with RA who initiated HCQ (n=918,144) and SSZ (n=290,383; active comparator), identified using claims and electronic medical records from 10 sources and 3 countries (Germany, UK and USA).

  • Associations between short-term (30 days) and long-term (on treatment) use of HCQ (vs SSZ use) and risk of depression, suicide/suicidal ideation and psychosis were evaluated.

  • Funding: National Institute for Health Research Oxford Biomedical Research Centre and others.

Key results

  • In the short-term analysis, no consistent association was seen between the risk of psychiatric events and HCQ use (vs SSZ use), with meta-analytic HRs (95% CI) of:

    • 0.96 (0.79-1.16) for depression;

    • 0.94 (0.49-1.77) for suicide/suicidal ideation; and

    • 1.03 (0.66-1.60) for psychosis.

  • Findings were similar in the long-term analysis, with meta-analytic HRs (95% CI) of:

    • 0.94 (0.71-1.26) for depression;

    • 0.77 (0.56-1.07) for suicide/suicidal ideation; and

    • 0.99 (0.72-1.35) for psychosis.


  • There may have been an overlap of patients across datasets.


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