Epidemiological and Clinical Characteristics of 70 Cases of Coronavirus Disease and Concomitant Hepatitis B Virus Infection

A Multicentre Descriptive Study

Jian Wu; Jiong Yu; Xiaowei Shi; Wei Li; Shu Song; Liangping Zhao; Xinguo Zhao; Jun Liu; Dawei Wang; Chengyuan Liu; Biao Huang; Yiling Meng; Bin Jiang; Yijun Deng; Hongcui Cao; Lanjuan Li


J Viral Hepat. 2020;28(1):80-88. 

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In conclusion, we are the first to report on the cases of COVID-19 and concomitant HBV infection from seven hospitals and to describe their characteristics such as a higher rate of liver injury, presence of coagulation disorders, greater severity of disease, an increased susceptibility to COVID-19. Age and CRP level were the main risk factors associated with outcome of patients with COVID-19 and concomitant HBV infection.