Elevated Serum Matrix Metalloprotease (MMP-2) as a Candidate Biomarker for Stable COPD

Durga Mahor; Vandana Kumari; Kapil Vashisht; Ruma Galgalekar; Ravindra M. Samarth; Pradyumna K. Mishra; Nalok Banerjee; Rajnikant Dixit; Rohit Saluja; Sajal De; Kailash C. Pandey


BMC Pulm Med. 2020;20(302) 

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The dysregulation of proteases and anti-proteases in COPD has been reported previously in various studies. NE has been repeatedly shown to be a biomarker of COPD, but elevation of serum NE in both COPD and Asthma, can limit its specificity as a distinctive biomarker for COPD. Owing to the role of MMP-2 in extracellular remodeling processes in COPD alsone and correlating the increased expression in COPD, we speculate that MMP-2 can serve as distinctive biomarker for stable COPD. Moreover, the elevated serum MMP-2 have also been quantitatively estimated and further validated by the mass spectrometry data. Therefore our study concludes that MMP-2 should be validated as a candidate biomarker for COPD; further subjected to its rigorous validation by conducting large cohort studies.