Endophthalmitis After Cataract Surgery: An Update on Recent Advances

Travis J. Peck; Samir N. Patel; Allen C. Ho


Curr Opin Ophthalmol. 2021;32(1):62-68. 

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Systemic Antibiotics

Although systemic antibiotics were not shown to be of any additional benefit when added to intravitreal antibiotics,[11] they were administered in 67% of eyes in the EVRS survey.[28] This conflicts with data from the ASRS preferences and trends study, which found that 22% of surgeons in the United States and 31% of international surgeons used systemic antibiotics.[29] A possible reason for the continued use of antibiotics is that surgeons believe that current fluoroquinolones are superior to the antibiotics used in the EVS. However, intravitreal doses far exceed the intraocular concentrations reached when systemic antibiotics are administered,[17] and the gram-positive bacteria that most commonly cause endophthalmitis are frequently resistant to fluoroquinolones.[19]