A Novel Technique for Spondylolysis Repair With Pedicle Screws, Rod and Polyester Band

Case Report With Technical Note and Systematic Literature Review

Pedro Berjano, MD, PhD; Gabriele Ristori, MD; Maryem-Fama Ismael Aguirre, MD; Francesco Langella, MD; Marco Damilano, MD; Riccardo Cecchinato, MD; Alvin Pun, MD; Claudio Lamartina, MD


Spine. 2020;45(24):E1682-E1691. 

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The literature review has revealed a great number and variety of surgical techniques for the spondylolysis repair, demonstrating the lack of consensus on a satisfactory procedure. The pars defect repair we propose using a construct consisting of pedicle screws, a transverse rod and a polyester band seems to be a technically simple and safe procedure that presents the advantage of placing the spondylolysis under strong compression to help ensure fusion. The clinical case presented good clinical outcomes at the 4-year follow-up and significant pain reduction with an early return to daily life and sports. Further studies, both biomechanical and clinical, must be conducted to validate the procedure.