Loss to Follow-up in the Hepatitis C Care Cascade: A Substantial Problem but Opportunity for Micro-elimination

A Substantial Problem But Opportunity for Micro-elimination

Marleen van Dijk; Joost P.H. Drenth


J Viral Hepat. 2020;27(12):1270-1283. 

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Ltfu Before Linkage to Hcv Care (CHCoC Step 3)

When someone has tested positive for HCV RNA, referral to an HCV specialist for further evaluation should follow. However, attendance to this follow-up visit is only reported in 27%-91% (median 68%) of cases.Suppl file 1,18–22,25–28,52,59,60 People who inject(ed) drugs (PWID), a well-known hard to reach population, attend in 36%-65% of cases (median 50%).Suppl file 29–32 In HIV/HCV-coinfected patients, attendance seems to be higher with 25%-95% (median 90%).Suppl file 8,11,47,49 Generally speaking, attendance is higher for those under decentralized care. Reasons for absence are difficult to assess; however, some studies confirm LTFU in 26%-100% (median 84%) of absentees.Suppl file 22,27,32,52,59,60