Loss to Follow-up in the Hepatitis C Care Cascade: A Substantial Problem but Opportunity for Micro-elimination

A Substantial Problem But Opportunity for Micro-elimination

Marleen van Dijk; Joost P.H. Drenth


J Viral Hepat. 2020;27(12):1270-1283. 

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Include Retrieval in Standard Care

Ideally, micro-elimination through retrieval should become standard of care. This concept is not (yet) mentioned in any guidelines or elimination plans, but deserves attention since it can contribute to HCV elimination. Retrieval could be done yearly, to reduce workload, and requires close collaboration between microbiologists/virologists, infectious disease specialists, hepatologists, hepatitis nurses and other parties such as addiction care medicine, prisons, public health institutes and/or general practitioners. Each centre could form a multidisciplinary team led by a dedicated retrieval coordinator, for example a hepatitis nurse. This coordinator could check the care cascade of all people who had a positive HCV test result in the previous year. The team could subsequently develop a multidisciplinary approach to retrieve LTFU patients. Patient-centred care is key in retrieving LTFU patients.