Loss to Follow-up in the Hepatitis C Care Cascade: A Substantial Problem but Opportunity for Micro-elimination

A Substantial Problem But Opportunity for Micro-elimination

Marleen van Dijk; Joost P.H. Drenth


J Viral Hepat. 2020;27(12):1270-1283. 

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Abstract and Introduction


Since the advent of direct-acting antivirals, elimination of hepatitis C viral (HCV) infections seems within reach. However, studies on the HCV cascade of care show suboptimal progression through each step for all patient groups. Loss to follow-up (LTFU) is a major issue and is a barrier to HCV elimination. This review summarizes the scale of the LTFU problem and proposes a micro-elimination approach. Retrieving LTFU patients and re-engaging them with care again has shown to be feasible in the Netherlands. Micro-elimination through retrieval can contribute to reaching the World Health Organization's viral hepatitis elimination targets by 2030.