The Safety of Oral Versus Transdermal Estrogen

Denise Black, MD, FRCSC


Menopause. 2020;27(11):1328-1329. 

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What are the Take-home Messages?

  1. Choice of hormone therapy should be individualized to identify the most appropriate type, dose, formulation, route of administration, and duration of use, based on individual risk and treatment goals.

  2. In a menopausal woman with elevated VTE, stroke, or cardiometabolic risk, transdermal estrogens result in lower risk than comparable-dose oral therapy.

  3. Based on limited evidence, average-risk postmenopausal women aged younger than 60 years have not been shown to have an increased risk of VTE, stroke, or cardiovascular events with use of low-dose oral estrogens (1 mg 17β-estradiol or 0.45 mg CE). Additional data from adequately powered studies would help enhance our knowledge in this regard.