Forty Postmortem Examinations in COVID-19 Patients

Two Distinct Pathologic Phenotypes and Correlation With Clinical and Radiologic Findings

Simona De Michele, MD; Yu Sun, MD, PhD; Mine M. Yilmaz, MD; Igor Katsyv, MD, PhD; Mary Salvatore, MD; Amy L. Dzierba, PharmD; Charles C. Marboe, MD; Daniel Brodie, MD; Nina M. Patel, MD; Christine K. Garcia, MD, PhD; Anjali Saqi, MD, MBA


Am J Clin Pathol. 2020;154(6):748-760. 

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Three major pathology patterns and two distinct phenotypes were noted at autopsy, one characterized by ALI and the other without. The patients with a non-ALI phenotype represent a rarely described subgroup. The cause of death in this subset may include cardiac and/or vascular pathways and requires additional corroboration.