Early Brain Imaging Shows Increased Severity of Acute Ischemic Strokes With Large Vessel Occlusion in COVID-19 Patients

Simon Escalard, MD; Vanessa Chalumeau, MD; Clément Escalard, MD; Hocine Redjem, MD; François Delvoye, MD; Solène Hébert, MD; Stanislas Smajda, MD; Gabriele Ciccio, MD; Jean-Philippe Desilles, MD, PhD; Mikael Mazighi, MD, PhD; Raphael Blanc, MD; Benjamin Maïer, MD; Michel Piotin, MD, PhD


Stroke. 2020;51(11):3366-3370. 

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Early brain imaging showed higher severity of anterior circulation large vessel occlusion strokes in patients with COVID-19. Given the massive number of infected patients, concerns should be raised about the coming neurovascular impact of the pandemic worldwide.