Treatment of Distal Humeral Fractures in Elderly Patients

Where Are We in 2020? A Review Article

Anthony V. Christiano, MD; James D. Dieterich, MD; Gregory M. Frechette, MD; Andrew J. Lovy, MD; Jaehon M. Kim, MD; Michael R. Hausman, MD


Curr Orthop Pract. 2020;31(6):579-581. 

In This Article

Literature Review

A thorough review of the orthopaedic literature was conducted via Pubmed including articles focusing on geriatric fractures, distal humeral fractures, and treatment options for distal humeral fractures. Influential studies focusing on the treatment of geriatric distal humeral fractures in high impact journals were included. This review of previously published work did not involve human subjects and did not require institutional board approval.

In total 26 studies from high impact journals were reviewed and included based on their contribution toward the understanding and treatment of geriatric distal humeral fractures.