2019 Update of the European AIDS Clinical Society Guidelines for Treatment of People Living With HIV Version 10.0

L Ryom; A Cotter; R De Miguel; C Béguelin; D Podlekareva; JR Arribas; C Marzolini; PGM Mallon; A Rauch; O Kirk; JM Molina; G Guaraldi; A Winston; S Bhagani; P Cinque; JD Kowalska; S Collins; M Battegay


HIV Medicine. 2020;21(10):617-624. 

In This Article

Section on DDIs and Other Prescribing Issues

All DDI tables have been organized in a separate section devoted to issues related to prescribing ART and other co-medication in PLWH. The DDI tables each provide an overview of the interaction potential between individual antiretroviral drugs and the most commonly used co-medications within a therapeutic area.

Two new tables have been added on dose adjustment in renal impairment for commonly co-administered drugs in PLWH and a list of the top ten drugs to avoid in elderly PLWH to increase awareness of inappropriate drug administration and dosing.

In addition, a new table was developed on the recommended drug dosages for hormone therapy when used at high doses for gender transitioning.

Detailed information on DDIs can be found in the University of Liverpool website www.hiv-druginteractions.org.