British Association of Dermatologists Guidelines for Biologic Therapy for Psoriasis 2020

A Rapid Update

C.H. Smith; Z.Z.N. Yiu; T. Bale; A.D. Burden; L.C. Coates; W. Edwards; E. MacMahon; S.K. Mahil; A. McGuire; R. Murphy; C. Nelson-Piercy; C.M. Owen; R. Parslew; O.A. Uthman; R.T. Woolf; L. Manounah; M.C. Ezejimofor; L.S. Exton; M.F. Mohd Mustapa


The British Journal of Dermatology. 2020;183(4):628-637. 

In This Article

Limitations of the Guideline

This document has been prepared on behalf of the BAD and is based on the best data available when the document was prepared. It is recognized that under certain conditions it may be necessary to deviate from the guidelines and that the results of future studies may require some of the recommendations herein to be changed. Failure to adhere to these guidelines should not necessarily be considered negligent, nor should adherence to these recommendations constitute a defence against a claim of negligence. Limiting the review to English-language references was a pragmatic decision, but the authors recognize that this might exclude some important information published in other languages.