British Association of Dermatologists Guidelines for Biologic Therapy for Psoriasis 2020

A Rapid Update

C.H. Smith; Z.Z.N. Yiu; T. Bale; A.D. Burden; L.C. Coates; W. Edwards; E. MacMahon; S.K. Mahil; A. McGuire; R. Murphy; C. Nelson-Piercy; C.M. Owen; R. Parslew; O.A. Uthman; R.T. Woolf; L. Manounah; M.C. Ezejimofor; L.S. Exton; M.F. Mohd Mustapa


The British Journal of Dermatology. 2020;183(4):628-637. 

In This Article

Audit Standards, Data Items and Data-collection Methodology

Dermatology teams involved in prescribing biological interventions should use audit as a tool to monitor their service against national guidelines of care. The aim should be to ensure that the service is high in quality, safe and cost-effective. For further details see File S3: Audit standards in the Supporting Information.