The Effect of Topical Administration of an Ointment Prepared From Trifolium Repens Hydroethanolic Extract on the Acceleration of Excisional Cutaneous Wound Healing

Seied Kiavash Habibi Zadeh, DVM; Mohammad-Reza Farahpour, DVM, DVSc; Hamed Hamishe Kar, PhD


Wounds. 2020;32(9):253-261. 

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The results of the current study showed high flavonoid and phenol contents in TRHE reduced the inflammation-induced degenerative effects. Moreover, administration of T repens increased mast-cell distribution and intracytoplasmic carbohydrate ratio, promoted angiogenesis, and shortened the wound healing process. Natural agents are safer than synthetic ones and capable of treating acute wounds without infection. The extract is economical and can be easily prepared. T repens can be recommended as natural compounds for preparing an ointment for wound healing; however, the results are preliminary and based on a rat model with no disease and an acute wound.