A Pediatric Patient With Autism Spectrum Disorder and Epilepsy Using Cannabinoid Extracts as Complementary Therapy

A Case Report

Juliana Andrea Ponton; Kim Smyth; Elias Soumbasis; Sergio Andres Llanos; Mark Lewis; Wilhelm August Meerholz; Robert Lawrence Tanguay


J Med Case Reports. 2020;14(162) 

In This Article


While there is a lack of strong evidence to support the use of CBE in ASD, this case report provides the first insight about lower than previously reported doses of phytocannabinoids in the form of CBE, which may benefit ASD-related behavioral and core social symptoms, as well as anxiety, sleep disturbances, and weight. We encourage scientists and clinicians to pioneer placebo-controlled studies to validate the clinical efficacy of very low doses of CBE in a larger cohort.