COVID-19 Clotting May Be Linked With Antiphospholipid Antibodies

By Reuters Staff

October 06, 2020

(Reuters) - The excessive blood clotting seen in severe COVID-19 may in part be caused by the virus tricking the body into producing antiphospholipid antibodies, new research suggests.

In a study of 64 COVID-19 patients published on Wednesday in Clinical Infectious Diseases, those with severe disease consistently had more antiphospholipid antibodies than those with mild disease, regardless of gender or age.

"Our data strongly suggest that when our body fights the new coronavirus in our lungs, it also starts to fight its own proteins that keep our blood from clotting," coauthor Dr. Omar Hasan Ali of The University of British Columbia told Reuters.

This problem has been seen before, in a rare autoimmune disease called antiphospholipid syndrome that is usually triggered by infections.

SOURCE: Clinical Infectious Diseases, online September 30, 2020.