Introduction to Telehealth Coding

Clinical Issues and Solutions/Documentation Guidance

Susanne Talebian, CUA, CPC-I, CPC


Urol Nurs. 2020;40(4):195-200. 

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all facing a significant decrease in services and revenue, and we are learning how to implement and code for telemedicine, telehealth, and other technology-based services that we may not have previously been providing. COVID-19 has brought to reality the applications of telemedicine and telehealth services that both providers and patients will find convenient, time-efficient, and well-structured. This is the time to accept, prepare, and ramp up for these services to continue through COVID-19 and beyond. One word of caution is to realize that the DHHS is currently allowing us to use non-HIPAA-compliant platforms, and providers must be ready to make the change to HIPAA-compliant platforms going forward. This offers some time to research and evaluate the right platform for your clinic, along with looking at integrating RPM services into your practice for better patient care and outcomes and generate additional revenue. Working through these issues is what your billing team and outside consultants can do to get you on the right path to proper reimbursement and to successful telehealth, telemedicine, and technology-based, revenue-generating, remote physiological monitoring programs.