What Mattered Then, Now, and Always

Illness Narratives From Persons of Color

C. Robert Bennett, CPNP-AC, MSN; Nadia Shive, BA, CCRC; Heather Coats, PhD, APRN-BC


Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing. 2020;22(5):392-400. 

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Implications for Research

Culture plays an influential role in how patients report their illness experiences and express their symptoms and care preferences.[2] Participants spoke about how their illness impacted the social and existential parts of their lives. This study provides unique insights into the life experiences and social structures of persons of color and continues to add to the extant literature on psychological, social, and existential domains. It is imperative to assess these aspects of the person living with serious illness to adequately support these patients and their families. Understanding the importance of the cultural domains of care for persons of color who have serious illness may improve health care providers' understanding of underlying factors contributing to patients' decision making and underlying social determinants of health.