Respiratory Physiology of COVID-19-Induced Respiratory Failure Compared to ARDS of Other Etiologies

Domenico Luca Grieco; Filippo Bongiovanni; Lu Chen; Luca S. Menga; Salvatore Lucio Cutuli; Gabriele Pintaudi; Simone Carelli; Teresa Michi; Flava Torrini; Gianmarco Lombardi; Gian Marco Anzellotti; Gennaro De Pascale; Andrea Urbani; Maria Grazia Bocci; Eloisa S. Tanzarella; Giuseppe Bello; Antonio M. Dell'Anna; Salvatore M. Maggiore; Laurent Brochard; Massimo Antonelli


Crit Care. 2020;24(529) 

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Early after establishment of mechanical ventilation, patients with COVID-19 show a conventional ARDS phenotype, with heterogeneity in respiratory mechanics, aeration loss related to the degree of hypoxemia, and inter-individually variable recruitability. Physiological differences between COVID-19 patients and ARDS from other etiologies appear clinically negligible. Until other data emerge, clinicians treating COVID-19 patients should adhere to most recent guidelines regarding ARDS management.