The Aftermath of Coronavirus Disease 2019

Devastation or a New Dawn for Nephrology?

Rajiv Agarwal


Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2020;35(6):904-907. 

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Social Determinants of Health

Homelessness, hunger and job insecurity are important determinants of health outcomes. The marginalized in society were not only exposed to a greater risk of COVID-19, but also had a greater barrier to receive medical attention due to the closure of routine visits. Social distancing taxed the shelters in which they were housed. Maps were created for the entire USA based on social determinants of health to identify populations at greater risk for COVID-19.[13] Medical students in Pittsburgh volunteered to deliver medications at home.[14] In the state of California, with an estimated 130 000 homeless, many were provided with hotel rooms or trailers.[15] The impact of the homeless on society was never felt more acutely than at the time of the pandemic. COVID-19 induced a change in societal attitudes toward the homeless overnight. Will this change in societal attitudes and approaches to health persist after the crisis is over? We can hope so.