Radiological Case

GIST of the Duodenum and Proximal Jejunum With an Ampullary Neuroendocrine Tumor

Mohammed Mirza, MD; Joshua Boulter; Alula Tesfay, MD


Appl Radiol. 2020;49(5):49-51. 

In This Article


This case illustrates the importance of radiographically recognizing the intra-abdominal manifestations of NF-1. Particularly, NF-1 predisposes to ampullary/periampullary neoplasia and small-bowel GIST formation. In the undiagnosed patient, the coexistence of these two entities is highly suggestive of NF-1. Over time, periampullary tumors can lead to complications such as pancreaticobiliary obstruction, as this case. GI tumors in patients with NF-1 often present earlier than sporadic tumors and imaging studies should be evaluated with this in mind.