107-Year-Old Who Beat Spanish Flu Beats COVID

Allison Aulds

August 19, 2020

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Anna Del Priore beat the Spanish Flu when she was just six years old. Now, more than 100 years later, she's successfully recovered from COVID-19.

Anna Del Priore Sunrise Senior Living/Facebook

Sunrise Senior Living shared a photo on Facebook of the 107-year-old smiling and dancing after beating the virus.


"She always danced, always loved music," Del Priore's granddaughter tells the Asbury Park Press. "As soon as she hears music, her foot starts tapping."

"Dancing makes you feel good," Del Priore says. "I want to keep my health."

Turns out, good health may be in Del Priore's genes. The Asbury Park Press reports that her younger sister, 105-year-old Helen Guzzone, also successfully beat both COVID-19 and the Spanish Flu.


Facebook/Sunrise Senior Living

Sunrise Senior Living: "Sunrise Resident Beats Spanish Flu and Coronavirus in nearly 108 Trips around the Sun."

Asbury Park Press: "She beat the Spanish flu, and now 107-year-old New Jersey woman beat COVID-19."