Stepwise Safe Access in Hip Arthroscopy in the Supine Position

Tips and Pearls From A to Z

David R. Maldonado, MD; Philip J. Rosinsky, MD; Jacob Shapira, MD; Benjamin G. Domb, MD


J Am Acad Orthop Surg. 2020;28(16):651-659. 

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The inherent inelasticity of the hip joint makes hip arthroscopy one of the most technically demanding procedures in the field of joints preservation. Recently, it has been shown that the hip arthroscopy technically demanding skill is astonishingly steeper than the previously thought. Access to the hip joint is the first challenge that surgeons must confront in hip arthroscopy. Nevertheless, it can be performed in a safe and reproducible fashion. To achieve this goal, a thorough understanding of the hip anatomy is crucial. Navigating through the technical concepts and pearls brought in this review will allow to conquer this challenge.