HIV: Updated COVID-19 Resources for Individuals and Physicians

Jo Whelan 

August 12, 2020

Several organisations have updated their COVID-19-related resources for people living with HIV (PLHIV).

British HIV Association & Terrence Higgins Trust: COVID-19 risk for PLHIV was updated on 7 August.

  • This statement reviews the available evidence on COVID-19 risk for PLHIV. It notes that some studies report a higher risk of COVID-19 related death for PLHIV and others do not, and that analyses have not adjusted for potential confounders such as diabetes or obesity. It concludes that any increased risk is relatively small.

  • PLHIV are advised to continue following Government advice on hand washing, distancing and face covering; there is insufficient evidence to advise on additional precautions in the UK setting.

  • As per previous advice, PLHIV with a detectable viral load or CD4 less than 200, particularly those with advanced HIV (CD4 count < 50 or a recent HIV related disease), are advised to be cautious and minimise their risk of exposure.

The BHIVA has also updated its COVID-19 FAQs for PLHIV: this resource is aimed at a non-medical audience.

The BHIVA, DAIG, EACS, GESIDA & Polish Scientific AIDS Society Statement on risk of COVID-19 for PLHIV was updated on 7 August

  • This statement brings together an updated review of the evidence on risk, activity of antiretrovirals against COVID-19, and data collection registries and other resources.

  • There is currently no evidence to justify switching from usual ART, or to support HIV-negative people taking ARVs outside the context of PrEP to prevent HIV acquisition. PrEP should be taken as directed and there is no current evidence that PrEP is effective against COVID-19, the statement says.

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