Chemosensory Dysfunction, Oral Disorders and Oral Health-related Quality of Life in Patients With Primary Sjögren's Syndrome: Comparative Cross-sectional Study

Comparative Cross-sectional Study

Mirjana Šijan Gobeljić; Vera Milić; Nada Pejnović; Nemanja Damjanov


BMC Oral Health. 2020;20(187) 

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The results obtained in this study show that the patients with pSS had impaired olfactory and gustatory function. Impaired chemosensory function had negative impact on quality of life in patients with pSS. The occurrence of oral disorders, such as dysgeusia, BST, and halitosis was frequently found in patients with pSS and was associated with poorer OHRQoL compared with age- and gender-matched healthy subjects. Therefore, a regular assessment of chemosensory functions and oral disorders in patients with pSS should be performed. Symptomatic treatment of xerostomia and prevention of infections could improve the oral health-related quality of life in these patients. Future studies of habits related to oral hygiene and dietary intake are needed to ensure improved treatment of oral health problems in patients with pSS.