Journal Will Retract Homeopathy-COVID-19 Paper, Blames 'Overflow of Manuscripts'

Ivan Oransky, MD

July 29, 2020

A public health journal will be retracting a paper that argued for the adoption of homeopathy in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, according to the editor in chief.

We reported on Saturday that the Journal of Public Health: From Theory to Practice, a Springer Nature title also known by its German name, Zeitschrift für Gesundheitswissenschaften, had published “Homeopathy combat against coronavirus disease (Covid-19)” on June 5.

At the time, we had not yet heard from Joachim Kugler, the journal’s editor, about how this might have happened. Today, Kugler told Retraction Watch:

You are tipping the finger in an open wound. Over the last weeks, we experienced an overflow of manuscripts, esp. with regard to COVID-19. The paper was reviewed by two reviewers who were obviously biased. Unfortunately, our quality control was not properly working, so the manuscript got accepted. We are now discussing with the publishers to retract this article soon.
In any case, I will write an editorial note.

Earlier, Dimitris Kalliantas, the corresponding author of the paper who appears to publish often on the subject, told us:

Of course, this paper was published in a peer-reviewed journal and this is a small part of many a year’s investigation work related to homeopathy and its medicines (ultra high diluted succussed medicinal products) at National Technical University of Athens. The results of our research showed that homeopathy is something much more than it seems. Classical homeopathy broke the timeless mistake made by established medicine in therapeutic. This mistake is related with the linearly approach of disease, which as a phenomenon is non-linear.  The results’ phenomenology from the applications of classical homeopathy is fully supported by mathematics. Because they are unpublished works I cannot tell more. Today, when humanity is being severely tested by COVID-19 and no effect has emerged, except from the thousand’s dead peoples every day, the correct application of classical homeopathy by professionals would be an oasis.

This article originally appeared on Retraction Watch.


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