Clinical Use of κ Free Light Chains Index as a Screening Test for Multiple Sclerosis

Luisa Agnello, PhD; Bruna Lo Sasso, PhD; Giuseppe Salemi, MD; Patrizia Altavilla, BS; Emanuela Maria Pappalardo, BS; Rosalia Caldarella, BS; Francesco Meli, BS; Concetta Scazzone, BS; Giulia Bivona, MD; Marcello Ciaccio, MD, PhD


Lab Med. 2020;51(4):402-407. 

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In conclusion, our results demonstrated that CSF κFLC can discriminate between patients with MS and patients with other NDs. Moreover, in the present study, we showed that κFLCi is an effective test for the diagnosis of MS. This test improves the diagnostic algorithm by the identification of patients at higher probability of having MS and, thus, limits unnecessary OCB analysis; in some cases, it also yields quicker results. Overall, these preliminary findings support further investigation on the possible introduction of κFLCi in the routine diagnostic workup for MS diagnosis. External validation in a larger population is recommended to definitively consider the clinical use of the proposed algorithm.