Rate of Dyslipidemia Higher Among Women Living With HIV

A Comparison of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Health in a Cohort to Study Aging in HIV

EAB Russell; AYK Albert; HCF Côté; AYY Hsieh; A Nesbitt; AR Campbell; EJ Maan; J Brophy; N Pick; MCM Murray


HIV Medicine. 2020;21(7):418-428. 

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In this prospective cohort study of nonpregnant WLWH and HIV-negative women, dyslipidaemia was significantly more prevalent among WLWH and among tobacco smokers. No significant differences were detected in the prevalence of other cardiovascular risk factors and metabolic abnormalities between WLWH and the control group. LTL, a measure of cellular aging, was significantly shorter among WLWH, although this was not associated with increased metabolic or cardiovascular risk. WLWH in this study were relatively young, with a low FRS and a high prevalence of smoking such that cardiac risk, although not yet apparent, is likely to rise for these women as they enter menopause and age. These findings underline the importance of smoking cessation interventions and aggressive control of lipids in caring for WLWH. Further studies should examine post-menopausal women longitudinally to explore long-term outcomes of dyslipidaemia in WLWH as they age.