COVID-19 in Breast Cancer Patients

A Cohort at the Institut Curie Hospitals in the Paris Area

Perrine Vuagnat; Maxime Frelaut; Toulsie Ramtohul; Clémence Basse; Sarah Diakite; Aurélien Noret; Audrey Bellesoeur; Vincent Servois; Delphine Hequet; Enora Laas; Youlia Kirova; Luc Cabel; Jean-Yves Pierga; Institut Curie Breast Cancer and COVID Group; Laurence Bozec; Xavier Paoletti; Paul Cottu; François-Clément Bidard


Breast Cancer Res. 2020;22(55) 

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While lockdown lifting procedures are being discussed in most Western countries, this first report on breast cancer patients suggests that comorbidities (apart from breast cancer) should be the primary focus of attention to define patients at high risk. Further studies devoted to breast cancer patients will help to define breast cancer care for the following months, until preventive treatments, such as a vaccine, have been found.