Insulin Resistance Contributes to Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Prognosis in US Women

Emily J. Gallagher; Kezhen Fei; Sheldon M. Feldman; Elisa Port; Neil B. Friedman; Susan K. Boolbol; Brigid Killelea; Melissa Pilewskie; Lydia Choi; Tari King; Anupma Nayak; Rebeca Franco; Daliz Cruz; Irini M. Antoniou; Derek LeRoith; Nina A. Bickell


Breast Cancer Res. 2020;22(40) 

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Overall, our study finds that insulin resistance is one factor that contributes to the worse prognosis in breast cancer between Black and White women, potentially through direct effects of insulin on the tumor IR. Given the differences in circulating insulin levels and tumor IR expression between Black women and White women, it will be important in future studies to explore whether lowering insulin levels or targeting IR signaling will improve breast cancer survival disparities.