FDA Approves Lilly's Ultra-Rapid-Acting Insulin, Lyumjev

Miriam E. Tucker

June 18, 2020

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved rapid-acting insulin lispro-aabc injection 100 and 200 units/mL (Lyumjev, Eli Lilly) for the treatment of adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

The product is a novel formulation of insulin lispro developed to speed absorption of insulin into the bloodstream. It will be available in two strengths: U-100 (100 units/mL) and U-200 (200 units/mL). The Lyumjev U-200 prefilled pen contains twice as much insulin per 1 mL as standard (U-100) insulin.

Approval was based on data from two phase 3 randomized, active-controlled, treat-to-target studies comparing lispro-aabc with insulin lispro injection 100 units/mL (Humalog, Lilly) in people with type 1 diabetes (PRONTO-T1D) and type 2 diabetes (PRONTO-T2D).

In both studies, noninferiority in A1c reduction was demonstrated when the two insulins were dosed at mealtime, but lispro-aabc showed superior blood glucose reduction at 1-hour and 2-hours post-meal compared with lispro.

Lyumjev is only approved in the United States for use as part of a multiple daily injection regimen, not for use in insulin pumps. Lilly intends to submit for this latter indication later in 2020.

Lyumjev will compete with Novo Nordisk's fast-acting insulin aspart injection 100 units/mL (Fiasp).

Fiasp had a big head start: it was approved for use in adults in the United States in September 2017, for use in insulin pumps in October 2019, and for use in children with diabetes in January 2020.

However, in a poster presented at the American Diabetes Association 79th Scientific Sessions in 2019, lispro-aabb demonstrated faster insulin absorption than lispro, insulin aspart (Novolog/Novorapid, Novo Nordisk), or Fiasp.

Early half-maximal drug concentration was reached at 13 minutes with lispro-aabb, compared with 19 minutes with faster aspart and 25-27 minutes with the two conventional insulins (P < .05 for lispro-aabb vs other insulins).  

Insulin lispro-aabc was approved in the European Union and Japan in March 2020.

Lilly is currently working to make Lyumjev available to adults with diabetes in the United States as quickly as possible and says it will be included in the Lilly Insulin Value Program, allowing anyone with commercial insurance and those without insurance to fill their monthly prescription of Lyumjev for $35.

The list price of Lyumjev will be the same as the list price for Humalog, it adds.

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