Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Pancreatic Cancer

A Scandinavian Register-based Cohort Study 1969-2017

Åsa H. Everhov; Rune Erichsen; Michael C. Sachs; Lars Pedersen; Jonas Halfvarson; Johan Askling; Anders Ekbom; Jonas F. Ludvigsson; Henrik Toft Sørensen; Ola Olén


Aliment Pharmacol Ther. 2020;52(1):143-154. 

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Patients with IBD had an excess risk of pancreatic cancer, especially in those with PSC. However, the cumulative incidence difference after 20 years of follow-up was small (0.05%), that is, one extra case of pancreatic cancer per 2000 IBD patients, which should be reassuring for patients and clinicians alike.