Latissimus Dorsi Flap in the Treatment of Thoracic Wall Defects After Medial Sternotomy

Adam Stepniewski, MD; Joelle Krahlisch, MD; Alexander Emmert, MD; Ahmad-Fawad Jebran, MD; Maximilian Schilderoth, MD; Helen Synn, MD; Gunther Felmerer, MD


ePlasty. 2020;20(e4) 

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Based on our experience, we can suggest the efficacy of pedicle-based latissimus dorsi flaps in the treatment of sternal defects. The majority of the patients in our study were treated successfully with this technique. High survival rates, low rates of severe postoperative complications, and individually reported scorings of life quality suggest this procedure to be safe and reliable. However, some prognostic risk factors limit the outcome, which should be considered in surgical planning.

We are aware of some limitations of our study. Only a relatively small number of cases were included. This can potentially create a bias against other therapeutic strategies, especially against other flap techniques. Further research, including ones with more cases, is still needed.