Red Meat Allergies After Lone Star Tick (Amblyomma americanum) Bites

James H. Diaz, MD, DrPH


South Med J. 2020;113(6):267-274. 

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To meet the objectives of this review, Internet search engines including PubMed, MEDLINE, Ovid, Google, Google Scholar, and Cochrane were queried with the key words as search terms to select scientific articles for review. The key words included ticks, tick bites, allergy, anaphylaxis, and meat allergy. The study period was defined as 1980–2019. Articles selected for review included case reports and series, review articles, epidemiological investigations, serological and molecular immunological studies, and laboratory (animal, entomological) investigations (Table 1). Articles excluded from review included tickborne infectious disease and tick paralysis reviews, clinicopathological case conference reports, press releases, perspectives, and opinion-editorial articles. These selected methodologies met the recommended criteria for narrative reviews, including several key words, use of two or more Internet search engines, defined study period, and article inclusion and exclusion criteria.[7]