Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma Involving Meckel's Cave Masquerading as Biopsynegative Giant Cell Arteritis

A Case Report

Matthew J. Samec; Andres G. Madrigal; Charlotte H. Rydberg; Matthew J. Koster


J Med Case Reports. 2020;14(57) 

In This Article


Our case illustrates an atypical presentation of diffuse large B cell lymphoma initially misdiagnosed as biopsy-negative GCA. Lack of improvement of inflammatory markers and persistent symptoms despite high-dose glucocorticoids should prompt a thorough investigation of alternative diagnoses. Early imaging in patients with suspected GCA should occur to assist in confirming the diagnosis of GCA and ruling out alternative etiologies. Finally, pathology within Meckel's cave, though rare, can mimic symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia and lead to further diagnostic challenges in patients presenting with facial numbness.