Blood Pressure Targets in Chronic Kidney Disease: An Update on the Evidence

Dominique Guerrot; Jelmer K. Humalda


Curr Opin Nephrol Hypertens. 2020;29(3):327-332. 

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In patients without albuminuria, the current evidence does not support the direct role of hypertension in the onset and the progression of CKD. Therefore, following the publication of SPRINT, the justification of lowering BP targets in CKD relies on the cardiovascular benefit afforded by intensive antihypertensive strategies. In order to be widely applicable, recommended BP targets should be clear and undoubtedly supported by evidence. Variable definitions of hypertension, separation of subpopulations, and interpretations of RCTs have led to significant differences in the major recommendations, both in the general and the CKD populations. Although areas of uncertainty remain, unification of the guidelines for the management of BP in CKD would be an important step towards an improved adherence of physicians and patients to consensus BP targets.