Coronaviruses and the Cardiovascular System: Acute and Long-term Implications

Tian-Yuan Xiong; Simon Redwood; Bernard Prendergast; Mao Chen


Eur Heart J. 2020;41(19):1798-1800. 

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Increased human mobility and ready access to international travel have accelerated the rate of microbial transmission around the world and global pandemics are a persistent threat. Outbreaks of viral respiratory illness threaten public health but the associated extra-pulmonary manifestations and their prolonged consequences are frequently overlooked. COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving epidemic with uncertain clinical characteristics and further acceleration seems likely.[19] Pre-existing cardiovascular disease may contribute to adverse early clinical outcomes and infection may have longer-term implications for overall cardiovascular health (Take home figure). Inter-disciplinary management of severe cases (with priority for those with pre-existing cardiovascular disease) and prolonged clinical follow-up are therefore essential.