Understanding Antimicrobial Resistance

Lauren Floris, PharmD; David Cluck, PharmD, BCPS, BCIDP, AAHIVP; Abby Singleton, PharmD, BCPS


US Pharmacist. 2020;45(3):HS-10--HS-16. 

In This Article


The pathogens and mechanisms described in this article are limited to those that are involved in the global crisis of antimicrobial resistance. Bacteria are ancient organisms equipped with the abilities necessary for survival in their environment, including the host who is taking antibiotics. The gap between increasing resistance and drug development is growing wider, which necessitates heightened AMS and a comprehensive understanding of how bacteria evade even the strongest available antibiotics. The time expended in attempts to develop new antibiotics capable of withstanding the latest resistance mechanism has proven futile. Pharmacist involvement in drug selection and AMS can improve patient outcomes and prevent further progression of bacterial resistance. Developing new medications is not the solution to this crisis, but preserving the available agents is critical.