Earlobe Reconstruction With an Anteriorly Based Postauricular Flap

Jeremy Chang, MS; Caroline Awh, BA; Charles A. Riccio, MD; Petros Konofaos, MD, PhD


ePlasty. 2020;20(ic7) 

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A 28-year-old man presented with amputation of a 3-cm portion of his right earlobe secondary to an altercation with his girlfriend. The earlobe was reattached in the emergency department, but follow-up at 1 week revealed necrotic tissue. The patient subsequently chose to undergo local flap reconstruction. An approximately 8-mm flap was incised, based on anterior blood supply, and inset was carried out in a circumferential fashion from the distal corner.

Figure 1.

Preoperative: Right earlobe amputation prior to reconstruction.

Figure 2.

Perioperative: Markings for the local anteriorly based postauricular flap.

Figure 3.

Perioperative: Mobilization of flap.