Obstructive Sleep Apnea and the Risk of Gout

A Population-Based Case-Control Study

Caroline van Durme; Bart Spaetgens; Johanna Driessen; Johannes Nielen; Manuel Sastry; Annelies Boonen; Frank de Vries


Arthritis Res Ther. 2020;22(92) 

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Conclusion/Key Message

This study showed that the observed association between OSA and gout disappeared after extensively adjusting for BMI, heart failure, diuretics, and renal function, in particular. As the latest guidelines for the treatment of gout by the British Society of Rheumatology recommend to discuss the use of ULT with every patient, even after a first attack of gout, we think that it is important that physicians are aware that gout occurs more frequently in the presence of various comorbidities, among which OSA. Our study also emphasizes the importance of using frequently recorded electronic lab test data to assess renal function in UK primary care data, rather than READ codes.