Is 2020 the Year for Increased Nurses' Visibility in the Public Sphere through Print, Television, Radio, and Social Media?

Donna M. Nickitas, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, CNE, FAAN


Nurs Econ. 2020;38(2):57 

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What You Can Do

As I mentioned earlier, we are celebrating 2020 as the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. It is an ideal time to ramp up our efforts to get nurses' voices heard in the media.

Here are are a few actions you can take:

  • Compile directories of media-savvy nurses prepared to speak with journalists at healthcare organizations, colleges and universities, and in the community about their clinical and policy expertise.

  • Work with your place of employment to develop nursing media competency.

  • Speak with members of the public (friends, family, colleagues in other professions) whenever you can about nurses' contributions and expertise.

  • If you spot newsworthy research or work being done by nurses, reach out to your facility's communications professionals and encourage them to share the information with the media.

  • Alert journalists about the depth of clinical nursing expertise by writing an op-ed, a letter to the editor, an opinion piece on something you read, or an article that speaks directly to the public.

  • Encourage other nurses to develop their own media competencies.

These strategies will be enhanced by progressively including policy and media content in the nursing curricula from baccalaureate to graduate programs.

Being a media-savvy nurse is an important part of your responsibility to your profession. Together, let's broadcast the message that 2020 is the year nurses will be heard, loud and clear.