Update on Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus Outbreaks — Worldwide, July 2019–February 2020

Mary M. Alleman, PhD; Jaume Jorba, PhD; Sharon A. Greene, PhD; Ousmane M. Diop, PhD; Jane Iber, MSc; Graham Tallis, MBBS; Ajay Goel, MSc; Eric Wiesen, MS; Steven G.F. Wassilak, MD; Cara C. Burns, PhD


Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 2020;69(16):489-495. 

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Outbreak Control

As of the end of February 2020, no transmission was detected for ≥13 months for previously reported outbreaks related to one cVDPV1 emergence in Papua New Guinea (PNG-MOR-1), one cVDPV3 emergence in Somalia (SOM-BAN-2), and six cVDPV2 emergences in DRC (DRC-HLO-1, DRC-MAN-1, DRC-MON-1, and DRC-HKA-1), Mozambique (MOZ-ZAM-2), and Syria (designation not assigned), indicating probable outbreak cessation.[1–3,5,7] Emergences of cVDPV in Angola (ANG-LNO-1); CAR (CAR-BAM-2 and CAR-BIM-1); DRC (DRC-KAS-1, DRC-KAS-2, and DRC-TPA-1); Indonesia (IDN-PAP-1); and Nigeria (NIE-SOS-3, NIE-SOS-4, and NIE-SOS-5) have had no genetically linked isolations for 7–12 months, indicating possible outbreak cessation.[1,2,5,7]