Palliative Cancer Care Stress and Coping Among Clinical Nurses Who Experience End-of-Life Care

Hyunju Kim, MSN, RN; Kisook Kim, PhD, RN


Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing. 2020;22(2):115-122. 

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The stress characteristics of the clinical nurses who care for cancer patients were high with regard to excessive workload, inappropriate compensation, and interpersonal conflicts with physicians. Coping strategies differed according to religion, education, occupation, hospice education, job satisfaction, and leisure activities. The higher the stress, the greater the number of coping strategies used. In particular, the focus on problem-related coping was associated with more diverse stressors. In summary, the stress characteristics differed according to various factors, and the stress coping strategies differed depending on the characteristics of stress among the nurses. These findings could contribute to the development of interventions to reduce clinical nurses' stress by providing evidence on the stress and coping methods of nurses who care for cancer patients.