The Cardiologist at the Time of Coronavirus: A Perfect Storm

Claudio Rapezzi; Roberto Ferrari


Eur Heart J. 2020;41(13):1320-1322. 

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The crisis is too recent and acute to allow us to foresee easy solutions in the short-term and in the end all our psychological and anthropological considerations focused on the Cardiologist move to the background when compared to the need to save the lives of affected patients and control the epidemic. However, we think it is clear that only a Cardiologist who is aware and psychologically equipped to face the consequences (and not solely with a face mask and disinfected hands) can help to survive a perfect storm. 'So, this is the moment of truth. This is where they separate the men from the boys'. The Perfect Storm, 2000.[2]

The COVID-19 epidemic will pass, probably leaving behind a significant number of dead as well as serious financial difficulties. It would be a shame if it did not at least provide those involved with a reflection on what is truly important in their personal and professional life and should be safeguarded as much as respiratory function.